WHEN & HOW : SECURITY DEPOSIT REFUND ? s.sdcpm.com/deposit

1: From 7 to 21 calendar days from when ALL those who signed the rental agreement have moved out we will send an itemization of the security deposit and any payment due or request for payment as applicable, by USPS first-class mail, or by email (if you advised us to use email only).

2: Deductions will be made for repairs over normal wear and tear, and any cleaning

3: You will be given the opportunity to dispute any charges made and we will try to resolve them within ten business days. If we cannot resolve the dispute with you, we will agree to go MEDIATION provided by the San Diego Courts to try to resolve it there. The mediator does not cost you anything and if you do not agree with the suggestions made by the mediator you can still file an action in the court.

See also Schedule mediation online or call (619) 238-2400 Central San Diego or (619) 593-4530 East or (619) 428-3200 South

4: Payment will be made to all those who signed the rental agreement unless we receive in writing, at least seven business days before the move out a request signed by all renters whom to make the payment payable to.

If you received the check already then please see How to change the names of whom the check is payable to:s.sdcpm.com/checkname

5: Payment will be emailed to you as a Wells Fargo "e-check" which you can immediately print and deposit to your bank

6: If you do not want us to send you an "e-check"

Let us know in which case we will mail you a check to your new mailing address if you provided this to us in writing, otherwise it will be mailed to the mailing address you used when you rented with us. As we use a 3rd party to process mailed checks it will take up to 7 days approx for you to get a mailed check from the date we approve it, therefore it is much faster to get an e-check

7: How to change the names of whom the check is payable to