1: If you are going to move out of your residence, but others who signed the rental agreement with you will be staying

Please let us know in writing to or by US Mail at least 30 days written notice when you will be moving out, AND again once you have actually moved out.

2: You will then no longer be responsible nor have rights as a tenant (other than your rights relating to the security deposit) , as long as any lease you signed has expired already.

3: If you want to give up your rights to any security deposit and transfer them to the remaining roommates, please otherwise, you will be included in any security deposit payment which will occur when all occupants who signed the rental agreement have moved out (See attached about security deposit refunds)

4: No partial refund will be made if all the occupants have not moved out and the security deposit paid will remain with the landlord in full.

5: A roommate who is moving out may transfer any rights and responsibilities they have for the security deposit to a new roommate moving in who has been approved by SDPCM and then the new roommate