1: To access the 4 digit lockbox code send a text message to (312) 756-0222  that says "sdcpm-1000XXXX" where "XXXX" is the
     number that is written on the outside of the box at  the back at the bottom after "1000" for example it might say "10001417 "
     which means the code is "1417"
    Eg if the box number is 1417 you will text "sdcpm-10001417"

2: Within 1 minute you should receive a text message with the code.
    Eg  "Here is the access code for 2905 Columbine Street. It is valid for one use, today only. The lock box code is 9826."

3. To open the box, enter the 4 digit code provided and hit the "Enter"  and the screen display will  tell you to "push the door" after 
    which it will open and you will be able to remove the key. Put the key back to use and close the door, which will then lock automatically.  

4: The code will work all day, however, once you have used it, if you need to leave the property and return later, after 2 hours you
    will need to request a new code.

5: See also instructions with photos at