1: Knock on the front door of the residence, trying up to three times over three minutes.

2: If the door is not opened

    Go to step 5 below.

3: If the door is opened by an adult 

      A:  Ask for their full name 

      B:  Give them the notice

      C: Check the name of the person who you served the notice to   

4: If the door is opened by a child, 

    Ask them if there is an adult available and if none is then

       A:  Let the child know "sorry I needed to talk to an adult"

       B:  Walk away from the door and once it is closed go to step 5 below

5: Take a high-resolution photo of the notice using CAMSCAN APP  or another method, putting it on a flat surface and ensure         all the words so clearly without any of your fingers showing.

6: Face the notice with words inwards so the words cannot be seen without the notice being removed (to protect the privacy       of the  occupant).

7: Tape each of the four corners of the notice to the door (so that the occupant cannot claim the wind blew it away etc).

8: Write "FROM MANAGEMENT" on the outside of the notice.  
    See the example below.

9: Update the proof of service by checking the box below 
      "(          ) BY POSTING a copy for each of the above-named resident(s) in a conspicuous place on the property therein described, there          being no person of suitable age or discretion, to be found at any known place of residence or  business of said resident(s);"

10:  Use  the CAMSCAN APP or other method   to send to SDCPM once they request it, the proof of service by either: 
           A: For non-Rent Manager users, emailing  the person who emailed you the notice to post
            B: For Rent Manager users, attaching to the ticket that was assigned to you and assign it to the person who assigned it to you

11: Include the following 
        A: Copy of the notice served that includes:
              (i) All the text, including the name and address of SDCPM 
              (ii) The date that  the proof of service was completed is added, under the section
                  "I, the undersigned.......... Declare that I served this notice, which is a true copy, on ___/___/2____ on.......":
        B: The photo showing "From Management" as in the example in step 4 above.
        C: The photo should take up most of the page so that if printed it fills most of a letter size page and is not compressed into a
             Smaller area.

12. If you are unable to post a notice on the door to the residence because you do not have access to a gate, if the gate only          leads to the one unit you are trying to serve 
      The notice can be posted at that gate, but it leads to multiple units it cannot in which case, obtain from SDCPM the key for the gate by          calling (619) 220-4840 ext 602 to arrange to get the key

13. Must I serve the person at their residence only?
      No, it is ok to serve them anywhere you find them 
      (JB note per KTS email re T81444 of Sept 24th, 2019 named "OK TO SERVE NOT AT PROPERTY 

14: How long must I keep a copy of the proof of service ?
      Forever. Keep it digitally in the cloud.