SDCPM wants to ensure you receive all  service orders we send you so that nothing gets missed, and you get paid for work done so on the 1st and 15th business days of the month, we will email you a list of service orders that are past due, with the following status classifications.

WORK IN PROGRESS:    This job is past due, please explain why.

QUESTION TO VENDOR Please answer the question we sent you, or let us know if we need us to resend it                                    

JOB DONE: BILL NEEDED Send us your invoice (see link for details)

1: Please send us your answers within three business days by email  (preferred method) or fax (619) 717-8051 or mail to 

7853 El Cajon Blvd Suite E, LA Mesa CA 919142.

2: See examples on this link for what you need to tell us

3: If we do not receive the answers by then we will call you daily with automated call reminder.

4: If you have questions about the process above email or call (619) 220-4840 ext 602 weekdays 9am to 5pm.

5: If, after ten business days since we sent you the report you do not respond, we will email you and send you automated call reminder that we have

have temporarily stopped giving you new work until we get the requested information but that we still want you to complete work already assigned 

to you

6: Once you have provided the answers to the request we will let you know that your status is "Unsuspended" and we will start issuing you work again.