(If we ask you to bid on "full paint" this is what we expect you to paint)

1 Bathroom and kitchen ceiling
2 All interior doors and closet walls and shelves.
3 Trims for baseboards and moldings (if already painted)
4 Remove nails, tacks, screws, brackets etc and fill in and patch and retexture defects in areas up to 1 sqft  so as to match existing texture

(You only have to include the following in your bid, if we specifically ask you to)

1 Ceilings other than bathroom/kitchen.
2 Removal of paint where it should not be (EG removal of paint from door knobs or floor)
3 Exterior doors.  
4 Kitchen interior drawers.
5 Cabinets outside and inside including any shelves and walls inside the cabinets.
7 Ceilings over 8 feet tall.


 B: INTERIOR TOUCH UP**  match the existing paint color/type  

*PARTIAL:     Painting  100% of a specific wall, ceiling/door etc.
**TOUCHUP: Painting less than 100% of a specific wall/ceiling/door etc

When purchasing at Frazee store mention  "cash account" code # 773375SDCPM volume discount at Frazee store


1: Do not paint anywhere not specified in your bid.   (Eg leaving paint on floors, locks, on parts of ceilings, window coverings, outlets/plugs, appliances, plumbing fixtures)
    If you DO paint in wrong areas in error you must remove such paint so that it is not possible to see the paint.
2: Use drop cloths to protect floors.
3: Put tape etc on any areas that should not be painted.
4: Clean and prepare and prime surfaces and use the paint and primer type and quantity recommended by Frazee for the type of surface as needed so that
    the paint does not peel off for at least one year after you paint(except where the cause of peeling within one year can be proven to be something other than the painting)
5: Remove all paint buckets, tools, material, tools, food etc  from the job site once complete and clean any mess you made anywhere.
    Do not leave anything  in the dumpster/trash cans provide for resident use.
6: If you removed anything in order to prepare for paint (eg outlets, window screens) put them back in the same place one the job is complete.
7: Keep a clear pathway during the job.
8: In addition to above, follow the same standard of care that would be expected by a professional licensed painter including following any 
    regulations regarding PEELING /LEAD PAINT and asbestos and all government and industry rules.
9:Do a wet wipe test if you think tenant was smoking