I agree to all the following terms regarding the use and possession of the following SDCPM master/removal keys that I received today:

Most units SDCPM manage are on one of three key systems "C8" or "C9" or "TV"

TV is for vacant units only. C8 and C9 are for occupied units and common area gates. C8 also works as a "TV" key.

61C93 (This key also works on vacant unit)

61C84  (This key will not work on vacant units)

The above will be edited on the actual agreement you sign in SDCPM office to show keys received.

1)  Keys will not be labeled, marked, written on, or in any way have any indication that they are  related to SDCPM.

2) Keys will never be duplicated or copied for any purpose.

3)  Keys will always be kept in a secure location.

4)  Keys will never be lent to anyone at any time unless written authorization as part of an  issue/work order is given by SDCPM   for the specified address.

5) Keys will be shown on demand to any employee at SDCPM Property Management.  If the keys  are   not presented within two business days, a minimum penalty of $250 will be assessed   and must be paid within 7 days.  If the full amount of the penalty is not received by SDCPM within   the 7 days, SDCPM may deduct the penalty from any money owed. This does not apply for property owners.

6) If keys are lost the receiver agrees to indemnify and pay SDCPM and property owner for any losses/damages incurred.

7) Key that become broken (not as a result of vendor negligence) will  only be replaced if the  broken key is returned

8) When  keys have been used on an occupied unit after receiving the required written   permission, the vendor must leave a note on the door stating the time/date of entry, what work was   done (if any), and a contact number.      

9) Keys that are lost will not be replaced without  $250 penalty being paid first.

10)  Employees who lose keys will be assessed the maximum as allowed by current employment law.

11) SDCPM can request cancellation of this agreement with 2 business days notice in which case the keys   must return immediately all the original  keys mentioned in this agreement. Property owners only need to return keys when SDCPM no longer manages the property

12) If a dispute arises about this agreement, losing party in a lawsuit agrees to pay attorney fees/legal costs incurred by prevailing party

By signing below, I agree that I received the keys mentioned above and agree to the terms

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NAME OF COMPANY _______________________________________

TITLE ____________________________

SDCPM SIGNATURE__________________________