Below is a summary of some of the most important items that must be done .

(FULL details of what you need to follow are at 2010 WATER HEAT CHECKLIST CODE RULES )

SDCPM Maintenance office will let you know if they will obtain a PERMIT


a) Installation of earthquake straps . Applies to heaters located inside or outside . (Water heaters shall be anchored or strapped to resist horizontal displacement due to earthquake  motion. Strapping shall be at points within the upper one third and lower one-third of its vertical dimensions. At the lower point, a minimum distance of 4” inches shall be maintained above the controls with the strapping. (2010 CPC 508.2)

b)  relief values that must have exit to drain or exterior of house

c) gas line should be of the correct type and installation.

d) Raised up on minimum 18'' base in garages where explosive fumes can accumulate.

e) Vented correctly

f) Drip lines correction installed.

g) Draft hood

h) Burner area works ok.

i) Gas  Valve worked correctly

j) Pressure regulator installed correctly if needed.

k) SDGE padlock installed on door if applicable

l)The water heater must have a discharge line the same diameter as the pressure relief valve. The discharge line must be directed downwards or to the outside, reaching 6-24 inches from the ground, and must be hard copper, galvanized steel or CPVC pipe marked  4120 100 PSI. (This is Section 8 policy in effect Jan 2013)