1: Open Happy Inspector on your iPad and go to the unit listing and select the unit you need to inspect.

2: Select the template "INTERIOR INSPECTION"

3: Go to "Entrance Interior" 

4A: For each line marked "Time" if there is a problem that needs to be fixed, at the start of the line item in the notes section,  
      add "R" (If required) or "O" if (Optional) as per  Definitions of "R" and "O" 
     And  describe the problem and your recommended solution 
     For example:  "R: Missing smoke detector. Need to install a 10-year type" 

   B: If you think a problem may be partially or fully the tenant's fault, then add "T"  (in addition to "R" or "O") 
       For example "R: T: Broken master bedroom window: Need to replace"

   C: If you cannot inspect an item 
       Select "UNABLE TO INSPECT" from the drop down and add the reason in the notes that you cannot inspect it 

5: Enter the minutes/hours it will take for you to make the required repair in the "Time" section and the material cost
     In the "Material " section EXCEPT below
     A: If you cannot do the work
         Select "OTHER VENDOR NEEDED" and add in the "notes" what the problem is that needs to be fixed 
     B: If you CAN do the work, but cannot give a bid now because the pricing need to be researched
     C:  If you CAN do the work, but cannot give a bid now because there are many different options available 
          Select "BID AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST"  and include a summary in the notes of these options
          (For example " Countertop is damaged and could be replaced with porcelain, granite or Silestone. Please let me know which of any of            these items you would like a bid on) 
     D: If a "Report only, no bid needed" 
          Leave the "TIME" section empty
     E: If you were asked to provide a bid and A, B or C do not apply  just do so for the "R" items.
6: Add photos for every room under the line item " Photos"  even if the room is in perfect condition
     This is to get an overview of the room condition

7: If there is more than one bedroom or bathroom 
      Enter the edit the room name so it can be identified (For example "Master Bedroom", "bedroom on the ground floor", "middle                      bedroom", "top level bedroom", "bedroom on the left "

8: Under "Living/Family/Other" room, include   the "Room Type") edit the room name so it can be identified
      (For example "Laundry room")

9: For appliances also take a photo of the outside and inside of each appliance (to include serial),  regardless of condition.
10: If you need to add another Family/Other room, 
      Use the "Insert Section" and select  "Duplicate LIVING/FAMILY/OTHER"

11: If you did the work yourself before as A1 vendor/employee and believe your warranty will cover it,
      Add "W" and do not include any time or material
      For example "H: W: Wrong type of smoke detector installed: Replace with 10 years one "
12: If an item has some items that are in one category above and another different one
        Add a new line for each additional item so each will have its own time and materials

13: If an item is not listed
       Add it under "OTHER" item within the same section, but add a letter reference
       eg 213A, 213B, 213C for each item you added 
15: If an item excluding flooring is dirty and is something that would be cleaned per
       A: Do not give the item a "score" but you should add photos of the dirty item.
       B: Add in the   I: OTHER INTERIOR section under CLEANING in the notes if the cleaning  is
          "FINAL, REGULAR or VERY DIRTY"  as defined in rebrand. ly/c level
16: Exterior items are only required for single family homes/condos/townhomes and not multi-unit properties. 
       Do not add an exterior item to multi unit property interior reports. You do not need to go looking for exterior problems, but if you do            see any add a separate note to the ticket about it (if you are an RM user) or mention it on  your invoice you are not an RM user

17: If you want to add general comments that do not apply to a specific line item or room,
        Add them to the INTERIOR section in the  "OTHER" notes section 


       If you are approved to do the work, you will be paid 10% of the total labor amount for travel to store/location. 
       Do not add a separate entry for travel time 




A: If you cannot find the unit address on the iPad  
    Email to add it to HI and to let you know once done

B:  If you need to re-do the inspection follow this link

C: I Added in error notes where the was no problem to report, and I was just adding FYI items 
    Delete those notes from the report and let the person who told you about the error know once fixed 

D: If the tenant fixes a problem that you noticed during your inspection  (do not suggest to tenant for them to fix anything) 
      Exclude that problem from the report if the fix was done correctly