1: If there is a problem with any line item
     A: Check the "Yes" drop down option that has a red circle
     B: Attach photos of the problem(s) by clicking on the photo icon
     C: Add  detailed notes of the problem by clicking on the notes icon and do not assume the photos show the problem, but explain the problem you are seeing including the unit # or location  of the problem
          For example " The missing garage label is in the 2nd garage on the left as you face the property from the alley"    

2: If the problem you find existed on the previous inspection 
    Use the drop down "PROBLEM: EXISTING"  but if it is a new one then use  PROBLEM: NEW: 
3: If there is no problem for any line item
    A: Check the  "No" drop down option that has a green circle
    B: Do NOT check the notes or the photo icons

4: If you see an immediate HAZARD  
    Call (619) 220-4840 ext 6 and report the problem and add a note in inspection the date and time you did that 

5: If problems doing the inspection 
    Email cs6@sdcpm.com or call (619) 220-4840 ext 620

6: CS6 to below do below do below

7: Add a copy of the report to the ticket and add the date of the inspection in the "Note" line 

8: CS6 to process Exterior inspections (Not required if you do not use Rent Manager).