1: If there is a problem with any line item
     A: Check the red/thumbs down icon 
     B: Attach photos of the problem(s)
     C: Add notes of the problem 

2: If the problem you find existed on the previous inspection 
    Use the drop down "PROBLEM: EXISTING"  but if it is a new one then use  PROBLEM: NEW: 
3: If there is no problem for any line item
    Check the green/thumbs up box and do not enter anything in the notes section

4: If you see an immediate HAZARD  
     Call ext 6 and report the problem and add a note in the ticket that you did.

5: Let the Exterior Inspection supervisor know you have completed the report

6: Exterior inspection supervisor should then do below

7: Add a copy of the report to the ticket and add the date of the inspection in the "Note" line 

8: Process Exterior inspections (Not required if you do not use Rent Manager).