1: Login on iPad to Happy Inspector

2: Open "SDCPM " Folder

3: Under the "Add Inspections" click  "Start a New Inspection" 
    Never edit an inspection done by someone else as it might get overwritten by them later. Use the "Copy" option if needed.

4: Select the correct template 
     C: "ENTER LETTER SIMPLE " For the Enter Letter
5: In the "Overview " section, enter the  INSPECTION TYPE & MELD/TICKET #
    For example "PRE MOVE OUT: T33322"
6: When entering data, periodically check "Done" as the system does not save automatically

7: If any item has an "I" in blue with a circle, then click on it for instructions for that specific line item 

8: Do not edit the name of any item. 

9: Follow the instructions on each line item under the "i" button as in the example below 

10: Follow specific instructions for the type of inspection you are doing 
       A: Make Ready/TRI  

11: Once done
      Press "Done" making sure you included photos as needed

12: Select the Inspection you did by going to "Inspections" (as in the example below)


13: Click on the top right corner where the + sign is  to the right of the inspection report name as in the example below 

14: Click on "Create New"  as in the example below

15: Select "Standard" report type as in the example below

16: If the report name does not show the correct inspection type, go to "Settings" in the bottom left corner as below

17: Select the correct "Preset " as in the example below


18: Verify the correct report type shows and then click the green icon on the bottom left corner as below

19: Do not check "Finalize and Sign" except for Pre-Move out inspections follow this


20: Send yourself the report (via email or download to computer) see

21: If you got the request via PropertyMeld once the above is done then mark Meld as "Complete" and add 
      your invoice on Meld

22: If you got the report via a Rent Manager ticket and not via PropertyMeld 
        A: Add a note in the ticket that you have completed the inspection"
        B: Assign the ticket to the person who assigned it to you 


F: I cannot find the property address in HI portal? 
    Ask the person who assigned you the ticket to add it and wait for them to give it to you

G: The property address showing in HI portal does not exist when I do a Google Maps search :
     Let JB know in the ticket so he can check to see why the wrong address was given