A: Date you created the bid.

B: The ticket/service order# that we gave you
C: Address of the job site including any unit #.

D: My Name or that of the business AND my phone #.If you have a contractors license# include this also.

F: Exclusions: What the bid excludes (if needed for clarification) 

G: Total $ amount. If you are not a licensed contractor, show separate amounts for materials and labor. You will not be paid
    more than the amounts stated on the bid unless you get prior approval from us. 

I: Warranty information.( eg labor 3 months, materials 6 months)(not required if you are  SDCPM employee)

J: How long the bid is valid for (eg 3 months ) (not required if you are SDCPM employee) 

K: Photos showing the problem to be fixed (required for roof replacement and recommended for all other types )

L:  If the job would take over 1 month to complete once approval, break the bid down into the sections that can be done
    within one month and request that we send you a separate ticket for those items if approved so as to not delay payment to you 

M: For jobs over $500 if permits are needed to complete the job and if so if your bid includes the cost of getting the permits including any plans etc

N:  For jobs over $500 and/or if the contractor's license is needed, your  CSLB contractors license #, unless you have provided this before.

O: If you recommend additional work not mentioned in the job description on the ticket we sent you, include a separate price for that
    too and explain why it is needed.