1: All appliances in the unit, garage (if any) and  associated storeroom (excluding air conditioners and heaters) to be checked that they:
       A: Function as the manufacturer designed them.
       B: Are safe to use
       C: Are clean inside and out.
       D: Are installed correctly.
       E: Having working filters.
2: If there are any problems inspector should: 
         A: Give a bid  to repair provided or if replacement (if recommended instead of repair)
         B: If a replacement  is recommended,  provide  the replacement cost to include
              (i)  Any warranty provided
             (ii) confirmation that the bid will include disposal of the existing appliance.
         C: Notify what % of the repair/replacement cost/bids the tenant may be responsible for any why 

Fridge,( including filters). Provide the cubic feet of the fridge .If there is no fridge to advise the maximum  possible dimensions for a fridge.
Stove/Oven (Notify if gas or electric )
Range Hood. (Is  there one and if so does it work and if not is one needed and why. If there is one, is the filter ok
Dryer (including filter) plus can a stackable unit be installed or side by side or both types and if gas or electric or both.
          Is  drainage and venting is set up correctly.
Washer: Can a side by side be installed or stackable or both types? Is the plumbing /drainage set up correctly.
Central Heating: Filters