If Home Depot reject a  10% Lowes coupon do the following:

1: Ask the Home Depot cashier why it was rejected. 
2: If cashier says it was rejected due to "NOT VALID ID#" 
     a) Try the next coupon you have to see if this is rejected or not 
     b) Ask the cashier how they know it is an invalid ID# if the coupon is from Lowe's and what # they are referring to specifically
3: Try the self-service checkout 
4: Get the  5% GENERAL DISCOUNT  if above fails.
5: Email that you could not use the coupon ,why and the location of Home Depot where they tried to make the purchase.
6: Write the ticket # for the associated job, on the failed coupon  
7: Attach the coupon to the ticket and upload using RMCAPTURE 
8: Return on your next trip to the office the coupon and put in JB box