1: Home Depot will match Lowe's 5% discount matching policy on ANY PURCHASE of any amount  without needing any documentation.
2: Ask the cashier to give you the " Lowe's 5% matching discount". If they say they do not know anything about this let them know that
    David Hatchett*** (Home Depo Pro Account Representative for all San Diego areas (619) 250-1115 )  told James Burrell that this discount 
    was available at all stores. 
3: You cannot get this 5% discount AND the 10% discount from coupons below at the same time. For purchases over $100 use your
4: Make sure the receipt shows the 5% discount before you leave Home Depot and if it does not ask the cashier to fix the receipt.

*** He is located at 298 Fletcher Parkway, El Cajon  CA 92020 FAX (877) 981-1430 David L Hatchett@homedepot.com. JB met him on 10/17 /13 at NARPM conference in San Diego.