10% LOWES COUPON VENDOR POLICY:coupons.sdcpm.com


1: You will receive in the mail some Lowes 10% paper gift cards. Home Depo regional manager told JB they are ok to use.
2: They can be used at Home Depot stores. They will have an expiration date after which you cannot use them. 
3: Use them on any  single purchase over $50.00. For purchases below $50  get 5%  DISCOUNT
4: When they expire return email AC how many you have that expired and what the expiration dates are and then trash 
5: If your supply falls below 10 unexpired coupons, email ac@sdcpm.com immediately.
6: When you provide the coupon to the cashier, make sure the invoice shows the 10% discount and if it does not 
    ask the cashier to fix the invoice