0: A photo of the pet must be included with your application, taken in the last 60 days and include on the adult applicants 

2: Wild animals are excluded unless  they are  ASSISTIVE ANIMALS in which case any laws relating to wild animals including
    SAN DIEGO COUNTY CODE 62.681 must be abided by.

4: Cats and dogs may be allowed if they are specifically authorized in the vacancy information for the property.

5: If a dog is allowed as a pet it cannot be a PROHIBITED DOG BREED  unless an exception is mentioned in the vacancy information for the property. Mixed breeds are allowed if they do not look like any of the dogs mentioned above. If you have a mixed breed dog, include a photo of the dog with your application.

6: In addition, if a dog is allowed, it  cannot exceed the maximum weight specified in the vacancy information as defined by the "observed weight " the maximum for the breed of dog as per DOG BREEDS AND WEIGHTDogs that have bitten  someone not allowed, regardless of breed. 

7: If an extra security deposit is required for a pet, it will be added to the total security deposit required and will not be called a pet deposit.
     Assistive animals do not require additional security deposit.

8: If you rent the property without a pet and later want to get one, approval will be subject to owner approval, even if a pet was allowed at the time you applied.