We have several CA clients that use our services. Upon our CA research regarding application screening fees we found Section h. of 1950.6 says:

(h.) As used in this section, “application screening fee” means any nonrefundable payment of money charged by a landlord or his or her agent to an applicant, the purpose of which is to purchase a consumer credit report and…  

A few other points of clarity:

  • is not a consumer credit report.
  • PS is a third-party service and we are not a resident application fee. We are a pet screening service that landlords can utilize to better understand their pet-related housing risk and we provide the pet owner a professional pet management tool/product in exchange for their money that can be used, without limit, up to a year. Application fees for credit reports, for example, do not produce an active product that can be used by the resident in other ways the same way our digital profile can be used with pet groomers, pet daycares, etc.
  • PS charges the pet owner direct (i.e. housing provider does not charge the $20 or even collect payment) and the digital pet profile is not only available/editable 24x7x365 to the pet owner but also shared with the housing provider.