1: I am or was the property owner for part or all of the last three years, so did not have a landlord then:         What do I need to do?
    Nothing. If we need supporting documents we will let you know.
2: I have been living with a relative or friend during some of the last 3 years. Can I still apply?
    YES, but if the average time of all co-applicants  living with relative or friend are over 18 months and any one's FICO (Transunion) score is below 725 then you will need to get a guarantor (cosigner)  who has FICO (Transunion) score of 725+ and whose income is at least three times the rent.
AND for units that require a 650 credit score your security deposit will be twice the amount of the monthly rent. After 12 months of consecutive on time payments you will receive a credit of one month's rent, to reduce the security deposit by that amount.
2.5 The person I rent from is not the landlord, can I still apply?
        Yes. Follow clause#2 above

3: I was or am in the military, do I need to provide a landlord reference for that time?
4: Must I include on my application, residence history for the last three years? 

5: What happens  if my landlord does not answer all your questions?  
    We will use the same rules as if you had been living with a relative or friend (see #2 above)

6:. Can I just give you a copy of my signed rental agreement as proof of residency or rent receipt?
    NO. You need to add your landlord information on your application 

7: I paid my rent late a lot of times. Does it matter? YES: See LINK

8: I received provided free accommodation (not from a friend or relative), for example by my employer,        or an agency that helps those who have nowhere to live, can I apply.
    YES.Enter that information as your landlord.

9: My landlord served me notices that I was in violation of my rental agreement (other than rent payment:     Can I still apply? 
    NO, if the Fico score required for the property is 650 but otherwise, you can have had only one                   complaint

10: I did not get all my security deposit back from my previous landlord, can I still apply?.
    YES: As long as the deductions were less than $400 otherwise, a cosigner with a Fico score over
     725 will be required 

11: I have been living in a hotel for some of the last three years. Can I still apply? 
     YES: Add the hotel information when you apply under the section for "landlord" 

12: I was homeless for some of the last three years. Can I still apply? 
      YES: Add on your application the dates you were homeless

13: I have an eviction can I still apply? See LINK