1:What documents do you need  ?:Any document from a housing authority that states the rent paid by tenant to the owner  OR

2:If Section 8 will not agree to pay the rent you are asking, can I pay the difference on the side,without telling Section ? NO: Because this is a          violation of Section 8 rules

3:My Section 8 voucher is about to expire. Can I still apply?. YES: As long as it does not expire within seven calendar days .

4:Can I move in before Section 8 passes the inspection ? YES if you would qualify without using the Section 8 voucher , and agree to pay 
    all the rent until Section 8 does pass ?

5:Can I transfer from another Section 8 authority ? YES

                       C: We will use 30% of the monthly rent.  For example, if the regular rent is $2,000 and your tenant portion is $500 we will use $500 only to calculate the gross rent/income ratio instead of using $2,000 and if we did not have your tenant portion we would use 30% of $2,000 ie $600  You need to provide us proof you are on the Section 8 program (Eg: voucher letter).The voucher amount cannot be lower than the monthly advertised rent unless your gross income is enough (see )and you are not allowed by Section 8 to pay the landlord more than Section 8 state as your "tenant portion".   For approved Section 8 tenants, any move in discount off the first month rent will be applied not to rent but to Security Deposit