EMPLOYEE DOCUMENTATION: employee.sdcpm.com

1:Provide the last 4 weeks or one month of employment proof of pay which can be either
     A:Pay Stubs
     B:Typed or handwritten letter from employer that states the name of the business,signature of the signer of the letter and name of the
        signer of the letter, their address, phone# ,the name of the employee which specifies the income of the employee, how often paid 
        and employment will continue for the same pay  for the foreseeable future, and  issued in last 45 days.

2:If a range of income is provided by the employer, the average will be used. Employer to have a valid active business license/fictitious business      name or other active verifiable  government license.

3: Income paid in cash will be excluded.

4:Offers of employment must include all the information above and also cannot have contingencies and employer must verify that the 
   applicant accepted the offer and has been hired.An offer of employment may also be used in the first 30 days of employment  instead of a 
   pay stub.