1:How does my co-signer apply ? They need to go to and select "Co-signer" for the application type and pay the
   $35 non-refundable application fee

2:What credit score does the cosigner need? It must raise the average score of all co-applicants/roommates to the minimum stated on                      our vacancy list  for the property you want to rent.

3:If the credit score of my cosigner is too low what other options do I have?
       A:Get one or  more  additional cosigners to raise the score to the required level OR
       B:The gross income of you the cosigner is at least ten times the monthly rent  OR
       C:If the cosigner's score is over 725 you agree that your security deposit will be twice the monthly rent OR
       D:You agree to pay 1 year's rent in advance in addition to having a cosigner.(This option is only available on leases one year or more)

4:My cosigner is a corporation/institution and not a person , can I still use them ? YES: But a personal guarantee is needed also