1: I already have a credit report run last. Can you use this?
    NO: We need to run our own checks.

2: What credit score do I need?
     The average score of all co-applicants must be at least the minimum  stated on our vacancy list  for the property 

3. My credit score is lower than required or I don't have a credit score, can I still apply?

4: Who provides you the credit scores?

5: Can I get a copy of my credit report once you have run it?
    Yes: See LINK

6: I was evicted, can I apply?
    YES, with conditions on this LINK, maximum one eviction allowed.

8:  I do not have a social security #. Can I still apply?
     Yes. When you are asked to enter your social security # on the application, please enter "000-00-0000"
     This will result in you having no credit score. For more information, see

9: Do the above apply too, if I am on Section 8?
10: When you ran my credit,  TransUnion reported an error message of  " SSN does not match the SSN # on file" What will              happen?
      Our application processor will ask you to provide a copy of your Social Security Card and as long as the name on the card           and number matches that shown on the application then they will ignore the error message 

11. How will the credit check you run show on my credit report?
       If you ran your application using Tenant Web Access it will appear as in the example below