FOR OTHER QUESTIONS PLEASE CALL (619) 220-4840 Ext 1 or email or fax (619) 478-4578

1: I have questions about application fees.
    See LINK

2: How will you decide if my application is approved?.
    You must meet property standards for CREDIT, INCOME, RESIDENCY  & #OF OCCUPANTS
3: Will I be in competition with other applicants? 
     YES if others apply: We will notify the first applicant that the property meets standards and allow them 4 hours to confirm they still want to rent  the property before we offer the property to the next applicant that the                   property meets standards
 4: Do you give priority to applications in the order you receive them?
     No, we approve the first application that meets the property standards, even if that application was received after another one that had not yet met the standard.

5: What documents do I need to submit when I apply?
     See LINK

6: What are your pet and  assistive animal policies? 
     See LINK

7: When will you tell me if I am approved? 
    Within four business days from the date you provided us a completed application that includes all required documentation and  applications from  any other co-applicants who will be living with any any                                        guarantors/cosigners application and documentation as applicable

8: When can I put down a deposit? 
    Once you have been approved, we will send you the rental  agreement to sign and pay the security deposit. This will need to be paid  within 24 hours  and once done and the agreement is signed we will remove the property      from the market and stop taking and processing any more applications 

9: What days of the week can I move in? 
     Any weekday, excluding SDCPM holidays

11: What is the latest day I can I move in?  
     See link

12: If approved, how soon would I have to pay the security deposit and rent and sign the rental agreement? 
      From the time SDCPM  sends you the agreement you will have 24 hours to sign the agreement and pay the security deposit. 
      First month's rent must be received by SDCPM  in full no later than one calendar day before the scheduled move in  
        (If you are on Section 8 within 7 days from the lease start date) 
     Payments in person 

 12.5 Must I pay a whole month's rent before I move in?
       Yes, but if you are in  Section 8 you will pay 50% of the whole month's rent and once we  receive the actual amount of Section 8  you will be  credited/charged for the difference as applicable. 
       If the first month's rent is less than the regular rent, and you are on Section 8 , then you will pay 50% of advertised first month's rent and once    Section 8 provide us  your actual share, will be calculated the actual amount         due by using the % share you have to pay of the full rent to the advertised first months rent. 
       For example, if the regular rent is $1,000 and a $600 credit for the 1st month is given so that the  1st month rent is $400 and your portion of the regular rent is $150 , then you will pay 50% 
       of $400 before you moved in  ie $200  Your % Share of the total rent is $150/$1,000=15%. 15% of $400 is $60 so you will then get a credit of $200  less $60=$140 after you move in 

13: If approved what form of payments can I use?
       Please see the LINK
14: I want to smoke on the property can I still apply?
       NO: We do not allow smoking anywhere on any property

15: I am in the military, but just turned 17, or I am under 18 but married. Can I apply? :
      YES as long as you provide proof in which case

16: I noticed the property requires me to get renters insurance. What are the requirements for it? See LINK

17: I have a Section 8 voucher, can I apply? 
     YES: If  your voucher won't expire within 15 business days of the soonest available move-in date
     Shown on the vacancy list. You must upload your voucher within 15  business days of the soonest available move-in date shown on the vacancy list. You must upload your  voucher to the  application. The name on                   the voucher must match one of the co-applicants 

18: Do you accept "Veterans Affairs Supporting Housing" VASH vouchers.

19: I have a criminal record . Can I still apply? : 
     YES: Any crime is allowed unless you have been you must not have been convicted of the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance? 

20: What is your fair housing policy?
       See LINK 

21: Can I negotiate any of the terms, for example, the amount of the rent or deposit?

22: How long is my application valid before I have to apply again?  
      Thirty calendar days from the day you applied. This means that after  thirty days have gone by, if you want to apply for the same property again  or another one, you will need to apply again 
23: I don't have the time or am unable to see inside the unit. Can I still apply, but see the unit later?
      YES, see link

24: If I am approved, what repairs will be done before I moved? 
      These are stated on our vacancy list under the "repair status " section 

25: Can I apply for a unit that is not yet on your vacancy list?
       NO, but email and when it is added, we will email you 

26: Can you provide me a copy of the rental agreement I would have to sign:
     YES: See for our standard agreement. It would be adjusted for the specific rental you applied.

27: I have questions about the how long the lease will be  and renewal options: 
      See LINK

28: What days/times do you process rental applications: 
      Weekdays 9 am- 5 pm 

29: I will be 18 years old in less than one month. Do I need to apply? 
      No. If your parents/guardians are approved and you are 18 years already on the date the rental agreement is sent to them, you will be included in the agreement and required to sign as a tenant 

30: If I am not approved because someone else met the approval conditions before me, can I apply for another unit?
       Yes: Please, within 30 days from when you applied, schedule a showing first for the other unit at if you did not do  so already and then email the address you which your application to be             transferred to and we will then let you know  if you are approved or not for that unit.
       Please note that the other unit you wish to transfer your application to may have different criteria and to be approved you  will need to meet those criteria.
       We will not run your credit report again and you do not need to apply online again 

31: Do you accept any 3rd party agency that will pay pre-move in rent or/and security deposit in eg "Rapid Rehousing Program" and others?
      Yes, as long as
       A: You are able to qualify in the same way as any other applicant
       B:  On your application, you included the name and contact information for this 3rd party and if available details in writing from 
            Them about any conditions they were regarding the payment
       C: The 3rd party will confirm to use in writing within 1 business day from the date that your application is approved
            That they will pay the rent and security deposit to us by mail with check payable to SDCPM no  later than 14 calendar days after you have
            Moved in (and, if applicable once any Section 8 inspection has passed)
       D: If the 3rd party is not able to let you us know how much they will pay for your rent until your application is approved, we will let the 3rd party  know once all other application conditions have been met that the                              application is approved this amount by using the following formula
            Payment Required=Regular Monthly Rent less (Income from applicant (s divided by Rent/Income Multiplier as stated on the vacancy list under minimum income requirements for the unit you wish to apply to
           For example, if the Rent is $2,000 and your income is $500 a month and we require Gross income to be 2.25 times the rent, then the 3rd party would have to pay $2,000-$500=$1,500 divided by 2.25=$666.66         
32:  I was given different information on the terms of the rental than showing on the vacancy list:
        Whatever the vacancy list shows will be used 

33: Are there any more photos available other than those on the vacancy list?  
       No, but any property improvements that are mentioned will be done on the vacancy list before move-in photos may be added later to show those improvements once completed.

35: I want you to stop processing the application, who do I notify?
      Each co-applicant/roommate who wants to no longer rent the property should email to notify us. If at least one co-applicant  /roommate does not notify us to stop processing, we will continue to process        their application only 

36.5 I rented with SDCPM before, do I get any special benefits/discounts?
       No, but we will use your landlord history with SDCPM if you rented with us in the last 3 years

38:  I am having problems filling out the online application, can I visit your office so someone can help me?
        No, but we can help you online by sharing your computer screen using Teamviewer. To arrange this, please contact or call (619) 220-4840 ext 612 weekdays              

39: Do you accept corporate leases?
      Yes, but we still need to verify each resident and the agreement will need to be signed by each resident. For guarantors see links

40: Do you offer anything extra to military renters?

41: I notice (or was told) that I put the wrong social security # on my application or was told. Do I have to apply again?
     Yes. Please apply with the correct social security # and email why you did this. You will need to repay your application fee
42: I have a day /child care business or will in the future. What are your rules?

43:  A friend is moving out of a property you manage and I want to rent it when they move out  .What should I do?
        Email your request to and let us know the date you want to move in and the address you want to rent  and will we let you know how to apply and what the terms of the rental would be (assuming                the property will be re-rented)