1: If you live in the City of San Diego and there is no dumpster on the property,  you will be provided with 1 black and 1 blue recycling can
    when you move in.The black can is allowed to be 64 or 96 gallons.If you want to   exchange it for a larger or a smaller one you would          have to pay 
a fee but would get a credit  based on the age of the container being replaced (max 10 years old) 

2: If you have more trash/junk that can fit in one of the cans you need to make your own arrangements at your cost to
     remove the 
additional items we can provide a bid from a hauling company too if you wish.

3: You can also get some items removed for free at FREE JUNK REMOVAL  SERVICES

4: Additional rules about hazard waste and trash etc are available at

5. Do not leave open garbage/soda cans etc on the property anywhere as  The smell of fermentation from soda cans and beer will attract
    house,  phorid, and vinegar(fruit) fly which in turn can become a breeding site. Ants will also be attracted to the sweet and water
    from condensation. The rodents can use this area as a nesting site and eventually end up in the home.