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Tenants will be charged the cost of fixing a  drain/toilet blockage and any related costs incurred by the property owner when one  or more of the following items were found in the drain:

A: Toy.
B: Diaper.
C: Baby wipes (even if advertised as flushable).
D: Feminine tissues.
E: Food. Bones, coffee or tea grounds or containers.
F: Cotton swabs.
G: Non-flushable clumping kitty litter.
H: Hair accumulation. (Excluded for tub/shower drains if no strainer was provided to me when the tenant moved in)
I: Paper, plastic, Styrofoam containers etc
J: Any other items that were not meant to be put in a drain, excluding tree roots.
K: Anything else that caused the blockage (see line 3 below for exceptions)


1: If the drain line that was blocked is shared with another tenant's unit

2: If within the first seven days of moving in, the specific drain that was blocked was verified to be working correctly,
From the inspection was done before the tenant moved in.

3: If the vendor that worked on the blockage, says the reason was anything else that caused the blockage as per line K above , but either A: The same drain was blocked before within the last 5 years
B: The same drain was blocked before within the last 12 months and the line needs to be replaced
C: Due to a dishwasher, which had a problem that the tenant did not cause