1: When you move in we will give you a key for each exterior lock, and, if applicable any HOA keys and access devices
    and mail box keys.

2: If you have more than one co-tenant/roommate you may make key copies at your expense
    but for HOAkeys contact us first as it may not be possible to make copies yourself and we may need to get
    You a copy of the HOA for a fee

4: If you removed locks that were installed when you moved in, please return them to us to reduce the 
    amount you may be charged.

5: If you have a restraining order against someone let us know right away as you have additional rights 
    (see CC 1941.5 and CC 1941.6)

6: If you want us to change the locks  please see LOCK CHANGE REQUEST

9: If you remove our lock box you will be charged $90 until you return it in the same condition as it was when
    you removed it 

10: Any locks installed by you or us on the property will remain on the property after you move out and you 
      may not remove them