A: You may be charged for any repair, or replacement that exceeds NORMAL WEAR AND TEAR using the move in checklist that you signed when moved in, to  help determine if you are                 responsible . In addition if the rental agreement states that the landlord is not responsible for the repair /replacement of an item you will have to take care of those items yourself

B: For liability reasons as advised by our attorney's you may not attempt to fix the item yourself once we have discovered the problem 

C: If we believe you should be partially or fully responsible for the cost of a repair if you are living in the property, we will send you a copy of the bill and the amount due  and why we think       you are responsible and ask you to pay us back within 30 days from the date we billed you.  If you have moved out we will  deduct the cost from your security deposit 

D: When you get the bill, if you disagree, you can explain why and we will review your concerns and then advise our final decision. See below for specific types of repairs