1: Payments can be made by mail to our MAILING ADDRESS and are sent at your risk.

2: Make checks/money orders payable to “SDCPM”  and add your rental address on the memo line of the payment.

3: You can include a request that we mail you a receipt.

4: Do not mail cash. To pay using cash go to rebrand. ly/cash

5: We record the date we receive the payment as the date it was paid, regardless of when it was mailed to us or postmarked.

6: We will deposit payments you send us right away, so please do not ask us to hold the payment and deposit it later.

7. You may use a 3rd party bill payment service (EG by a bank, electronic bill pay) to mail us a check and the same conditions as above will apply .Ensure the 3rd party includes your full name and residence address on the check
Although your bank may deduct the rent electronically from your account, they do not send it to us electronically but will mail us a check
8: If you want to pay us to receive payment electronically, follow rebrand. ly/epay

10: If you received a notice saying your rent is late, but you mailed the payment to us already what can I do?
           A: Check online to see if we received it by going to
               Please note it may take one business day for us to process rent paid 
              B: If it does not show there, please email the date you mailed it. 

A: Email the date your payment was mailed