WHEN WILL YOU DELETE THE LATE FEE? : s.sdcpm.com/latefee

2: If you tried to pay online but could not if the reason was due to our error we will delete the late fee

3: If your bank made an error, please ask them to pay you the late fee and if your bank requests something we can provide, please  email ss@sdcpm.com

4: If you had a technical problem setting up autopay that resulted in a late fee, we will delete that late fee as a courtesy

5: If we failed to deduct the rent from your bank when you had given us authorization to, we will delete any applicable late fee.

6: You mailed rent by certified mail and SDCPM was not able to receive the payment on the first delivery attempt by USPS. We will delete           the late fee

7: You are a "Caretaker" but your "caretaker" allowance was not posted in time by SDCPM 

8: You moved and we did not give you an agreed "move in " allowance on time 

9: We started managing your property within the last 60 days and you paid your rent in full by the 7th of the month

10: You could not pay your rent on time due to Covid19 and send SDCPM the application declaration in time