1:We require you to pay rent in full by the 3rd calendar day of the month to avoid a $50 late fee.

Other terms may apply if you are on a lease and not month to month tenancy

2:If you wish to pay later we do allow you to change the due date to the 10th calendar day of the month

If you agree to pay $500 extra security deposit that can be payable in two payments, one of $250 when signing a change of due date

Agreement and another $250 thirty days later. If you agree to this the $50 late fee would only be charged if we received the rent after the 10th calendar day of the month.

3:If your security deposit is already at the maximum allowed by law, currently twice the monthly rent the option to raise the security deposit is not available, but the due date can be changed if you agree to a rent increase of 5 % of the monthly rent.

4:Another option available is to get a cosigner whose credit score exceeds 750.

5:See general rules on the DUE DATE