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1: Can I install a camera in the common area of a multi unit property?

2: Can I install a camera inside my unit that records activity in the common area. 
     Yes, as long as it does not point to a specific unit of another resident. If you are in an HOA, please first check the HOA rules to ensure          such cameras are not excluded

3: Can I install a camera in my single family home (that is not part of an HOA) 
     Yes.It should not point to a someone else residence

4: What are rules about security?
      See below 

The following is in clause 54 of the standard SDCPM rental agreement (check your agreement first however)

"The Property is not a full security property and Landlord does not guarantee or warrant the personal security or safety of Resident, Resident’s household members, or guests. Landlord is not responsible for obtaining criminal-history checks on any residents, occupants, guests or contractors in the Property. 

Landlord has no duty to provide security services or devices other than the duty to provide (a) an operable dead bolt lock on each main swinging entry door of the Residence and (b) operable window security or locking devices for windows that are designed to be opened (except for louvered windows, casement windows and windows more than 12 feet vertically or 6 feet horizontally from the ground, a roof, or other platform). 

After Resident takes possession of the Premises, Landlord will have no obligation or duty to inspect, test or repair any lock or other security device unless Resident requests Landlord to do so in writing. 

Any cautionary measures that Landlord takes (whether applicant screening, surveillance cameras,security devices or courtesy patrol services) which may presently exist or later be installed on the Property are neither a guarantee nor warranty against criminal acts of others on the Property or otherwise. Personal safety and security are the personal responsibility of Residents, Residents’ household members and Resident’s guests.

If criminal activity occurs, Resident should contact the appropriate law enforcement agency. "

See also ROBBERY

1: Landlord may install a surveillance camera system in certain common area locations. Resident acknowledges that neither Resident nor Resident’s household members and guests have any reasonable expectation of privacy within the common areas. While the surveillance camera system may serve as a deterrent to criminal activity, it is not intended to, and will not result in any quicker response by police or law enforcement if any criminal activity occurs. Landlord does not represent nor warrant that the surveillance camera system will enhance security and safety of the common areas.  Landlord will not  hire security personnel or property management to monitor the surveillance cameras on any “real time” basis, whether periodic (e.g. during evening hours) or continual (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). Landlord may,but will not be required to maintain the surveillance camera system throughout the term of the Lease.

For property within a Home Owners Association , the association may have their own camera system that SDCPM is not responsible for