PARKING AND TOWING: s.sdcpm.com/parking

1:If someone is parked in your assigned parking space or blocking your space/driveway/garage and have refused to move or you cannot         contact them then you can call any towing company (eg Western Towing (619) 297-8697 and have the vehicle that is causing the                 problem towed.

2:It is recommended you take and keep a photo of the vehicle, including the plates in front and back. You will be solely responsible  if  you       have a vehicle towed in error 

3:Please notify us at twa@sdcpm.com of any vehicle you have towed or if the vehicle is causing a problem for you.


If a parking space or garage has been assigned to you, you must park in it to maximize parking for others. 

If an exclusive-use garage has been designated for your use, you may use your garage secondarily for storage, but only if it doesn’t interfere with your ability to park in the garage.

 Garage doors must be kept closed and locked unless you are entering or exiting the garage. Vehicles not kept in compliance with applicable rules, regulations and law are subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense.

 A vehicle may be towed if it:


(A) Has flat tires or other condition rendering it inoperable; 

(B) Is leaking fluids;

(C) For non-assigned parking spaces, has not been moved in more than 96 hours;

(D) Takes up more than one parking space; 

(E) Belongs to a Resident or Occupant who has surrendered or abandoned the residence; 

(F) Is parked in a marked accessible space without the legally required Disabled Person Plate or Placard insignia; 

(G) Blocks another vehicle from exiting;

(H) Is parked in a fire lane or designated "no parking" or "restricted parking" area;

(I) Is parked in a space reserved for other residents

(J) Is not properly parked in a designated area; 

(K) Blocks access to a garbage area, entrance, driveway, other parking spaces, or other area; 

(L) cannot lawfully be operated as a vehicle on the road;

(M) has a malfunctioning alarm or has an alarm which is not silenced within 10 minutes; 

(N) is parked in a designated visitor or office parking space; or

(O) any other reason allowed by law.


Gasoline, fuels or other explosive materials may not be stored anywhere on the Property. 

You will be responsible for oil stains and other damage caused by your vehicles and the vehicles of your Related Parties. 

Parking is at the risk of the vehicle owner or operator. We will have no liability for damage to or loss of any vehicle or any personal property contained within a vehicle or a garage. 

Parking spaces may not be available for guests or they may be limited in number and location. 

Tandem parking will be permitted only with our prior written consent.

You may install an electric vehicle charging station only with our advanced written consent, which will be granted or withheld in our sole discretion, except as otherwise provided by law. 

Operate your vehicle safely and limit your vehicle’s speed to 5 miles per hour within the Property.

You must immediately vacate and remove all vehicles from the Property 

(a) If you do not pay parking or garage fees (if any) when due; 

(b) After service of any notice allowed by law; and

(c) At the earlier of the Termination Date or the date that you vacate the Residence.

Unless otherwise agreed by us, Garage/Parking Rent will be due during the entire term of your tenancy.