1. We will provide you the contact information for the listing agent 

2. If the property owner advises us they want you to move out we will give you the required written notice but just because the property is listed for sale
    does not mean you need to move out until we tell you to and sometimes a property does not sell and the property owner then may decide to stop listing
    it for sale or a new buyer may not want you to move out.

3. The listing agent may only show your resident to prospective buyers by giving you the correct notice (see LINK for more information on your rights etc)

4. If the listing agent requests copies of the keys to your residence we will provide them 

5. If the property closes escrow whilst you are still living in the property we will let you know the contact information for the new landlord who will then
    be responsible for your security deposit that will be transferred to them unless otherwise agreed.

6. If you have any problems with the listing agent please let us know after trying to resolve with them first.