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I DECIDED NOT TO MOVE IN,CAN I GET A REFUND ? s.sdcpm.com/moveincannot

1: I don't want to move in any before because the property was not ready
   As per clause 24 of the rental agreement you signed below, if we cannot let you move in within 14 days of the lease start date we will           refund to you within 21 days of the lease start date all the rent , security deposit and application fees you paid 
24; DELAY IN POSSESSION.  If we cannot deliver possession of the Residence to you on the Commencement Date for any reason, we will not be liable for the delay, nor will this affect this Agreement’s validity, or extend the term of the Agreement.  However, you will not be obligated to pay Rent or perform any other obligation under this Agreement (other than pay the amounts due specified in the Variable Lease Term section) until we tender possession of the Residence to you.  If we have not tendered possession of the Residence to you within fourteen days of the Commencement Date, you may cancel this Agreement any time before we tender possession of the Residence to you. 

2: If you do not want to move in due to cosmetic  or preventative maintenance (but not safety related as defined in s.sdcpm.com/r) not being done, then unless  we promised you in writing that something specific would be done then the rule above will apply 


3: If you signed a month to month agreement
     A: You will be responsible for rent for 30 days from the date all tenants  notified us you would not be moving in, unless the                                property owner decides not to look for a replacement tenant, in which case a full refund of rent will be made within seven days 
     B: If you paid a security deposit as well as the first month's rent, we will refund the security deposit within  seven days from when you             notified us you no longer would move in 

4:If you signed a lease (assuming the property owner wants to look for a new tenant) and 
     A: Were the sole applicant (did not have any co-occupant/roommates) then follow breaklease.sdcpm.com
     B: Signed the lease with other adult occupants then you will remain responsible for the terms of the lease until either
          I: The property becomes vacant (in which case if the lease has not expired, you would be responsible still as in                                                breaklease.sdcpm.com) OR
          II: A new co-occupant/roommate that we have first approved replaces you, see newroommate.sdcpm.com