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1: The property you want to see has a keyless lock that can be unlocked using your Android/IOS phone 

2: To access visit the URL you were given for the property which will ask you to register with Prempoint 

3: To access the lock go to "Entry Points" at the main menu and then tap on the property address

4: When at the property click on the blue tab as in the example below

5: Put your phone next to the lock  and then click on the "Activate" button below on the app and the lock should unlock

6: When you leave the property please lock it by closing the door and then clicking "Activate" again

7: If you rent this property you will be able to use the same method to enter but with a new unique URL that only you will have access to 
    You will also be able to provide access for a time period of your choosing, for example, a babysitter, repair person, guest, and track when they enter
    and exit home. We will also give you an "Emergency" smart key too in case your phone does not work.