MOVING IN: s.sdcpm.com/move

2: We will schedule the move in date and time on your rental agreement and follow  this link if you are in Section 8

8: We do not allow you to move any furniture/personal items in the property including some store rooms/garages, or put up a tent                  yourself or add another outside temporary storage anyway on the property etc before we give you the keys.

11 Is Gas and Electric on one bill? 

28: What amenities are provided?
     Please see details under the "OTHER INFORMATION" section of the vacancy list for the specific amenities you are concerned about 
     For example (see the line for "TENNIS COURTS")  

29: Is there any security or surveillance provided
      For multiple unit's camera where there is not an HOA, camera's may be installed in the common area but this is not to provide security
      For HOA properties, it depends on each HOA so please contact them directly to find out 

31: How can I get renters insurance?
      You may use any company that meets our requirements as stated on the rental agreement, but you can also get a quote from                       premium at  s.sdcpm.com/epremium by selecting the zip code in the drop down options for the property you are going to rent 

32: How else can I pay the rent and security deposit , other than paying it online from my bank account using my tenant                portal (TWA)?
      You can pay by "Cashpay " using the account # and instruction link  showing on your rental agreement