If I am told to move out to allow for repairs to be done:s.sdcpm.com/ta_repair

1. What rent credit will I get?  This is calculated by using the monthly rent divided by 30, for each full and partial day you are not able to live in the property

2: I think the rent credit offered is too low, what can I do.: Let us know what per day credit you want and why and we will contact the property
    owner to see if they will make an exception,but that legally the landlord is only required to give you the amount offered

3: How will I get the rent credit? Once the amount of the credit has been determined and you have moved back in, we will let  you know the
    total rent credit that will apply to the following month's rent, so that you can deduct that amount when you pay your rent, (if we
    deduct this automatically 4., we will add the credit too) 

4: Should I file a claim with my renter's insurance? : Yes, as they may pay for more expenses related to the temporary move out than we will.

5: I need to pay for a hotel and don't have the money and cannot wait till you credit my rent. Can you write me a check?
    Yes if you will need to be out of the property for at least seven days in which case we will give you and advance for the estimated period
    instead of giving you a rent credit, in which case you will still be responsible for paying rent in the normal way 

6: My hotel recommends I book a week in advance at least and then renew: Is this ok with you ?. Yes, assuming we have already
    agreed with you the daily rent credit amount you will get and we told you that you will need to be out of the property for at least a week.

7: We have not agreed on the rent credit amount yet with you. Should I wait for this to be resolved before I reserve a hotel or make other plans?
    No.If we have told you to move out please do so by the date requested because if you suffer any lost due to not moving out (for example you 
    get hurt, then the landlord will not be responsible .