I WANT A RENT CREDIT/ALLOWANCE: s.sdcpm.com/allowance

1: If you want a one-time allowance, credit you rent for a maintenance, another problem or because be promised you a credit       for something else,
     Email  ac@sdcpm.com  the details to include
       A: Your name and address where you rent 
       B: The  dollar amount of the allowance requested
       C: How you calculated the amount requested * (optional, but preferred if you can give us this info)
             For example, if your stove has not worked for 10 days and your monthly rent is $1,000 the daily rent amount would be $1,000                     divided by 30 days =$33.33 a day and for 10 days would equal $333.33 but because even though your stove was not working, you               were still able to use the rest of the residence so you value the stove as 20% of the value of your rental, then the rent credit you                 requested would be 20% of $333.33=$66.66.

2: If you want us to refund you for damages caused to your personal property that you had to replace or repair
    Please email ac@sdcpm.com copies of your receipts so we can review further plus the receipt for the repair/replacement 

5: We will let you know our decision within 10 calendar days. Please continue to pay your full rent meanwhile. If you have            any ongoing  maintenance problems  contact our maintenance department (see repairs.sdcpm.com)