HOW TO USE "MOJO" ELECTRONIC DOOR LOCK s.sdcpm.com/mojo T81786

1: To open the lock
    A: First press only lights up the keypad without a beep and 
    B: Enter each number of  code# you were given
    C: The lock will make a beeping noise for each code number as you press it. 
    D: Wait for a grinding sound  from the lock  to stop 
    E: A green light will flash twice too, and once finished you can open the lock
    F: When you leave the property, please close the door.It will  then close automatically when the door is closed, 
        As this triggered by a door sensor. (If this does not occur email info@sdcpm.com) 
    F: FYI. Only SDCPM office will have access to the physical key that will be used only in emergency


     A: When batteries are getting low the lock will flash for five seconds to alert you 
     B: To change the batteries (4 AA) slide up and remove the top panel see photo below marked "Mojo lock)  and you will then see the                 batteries to replace. This is tenants responsibility who should replace them at their expense before they stop working 
    C: FYI average life of the batteries is 10 months. Keep a spare test ready to install as needed 

FOR SDCPM OFFICE USE ONLY SEE MOJO LOCKS s.sdcpm.com/mojolock T81786