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You will receive the echeck via email and can print it out and deposit it to your bank in the same way you could for a check received by regular mail

In an effort to pay clients more quickly and securely, we’ve begun using Deluxe eChecks, and will be sending you your first eCheck shortly.  Simply an electronic version of a paper check,an eCheck’s only difference is that you retrieve it via your email.


You will receive an email notification each time we send you a payment

  • Click on the link in the email and download the eCheck PDF

  • Print the check using any printer

  • Endorse and deposit as you would any paper check


To learn more about the benefits of eChecks, click or paste this link:



Please contact us if you would like payment to go to an email address other than yours

If you have any questions about how this works, call Deluxe checks support at 877.333.6964 or email them at support@deluxeechecks.com.