1:  If you live in a multi unit property, then do not leave any personal property in the common areas which include anything on the                   exterior of  your residence, as stated in your rental agreement. We may remove and dispose of any  such personal property left outside         of  the residence at your expense

2: All tenants are allowed to decorate INSIDE  their residence as long as it does not 
       A: Create a nuisance on the Residence or Property
       B: Disturb other Property residents or neighbors with excessive noise (loud televisions, stereos, voices, etc.) or otherwise; 
       C: Violation any  Landlord rules, regulations and instructions, including posting signs or any laws, statutes, ordinances, and                              requirements of all city, county, state, and federal authorities.

3 You may not install or use any items (temporary or permanent) in common areas, including (but not limited to) Cameras (still or video), drones, tents, tarps, jump houses, swimming pools, or sports equipment. To the extent allowed by law, you agree to assume all risk of harm, and waive all claims against us and our Related Parties resulting from the Common Area Amenities, even if caused by the negligence of us or our Related Parties.  To the extent allowed by law, use of the Common Area Amenities is at the sole risk of you and your Related Parties.