You will be charged below

2: The following % share of the cost if we have to touch up or paint any of the walls based on when you moved in;
        A: Within the last 12 months: 100% (tenant) 
        B: Between 13 and 25 months: 50% (tenant) 50% (landlord) 
        C: Over 25 months: 0% (tenant) 100% (Landlord)

3: In addition to the above, any additional costs incurred by the landlord due to smoking in your residence (See eg LINK)

4: CAN  I FIX MYSELF BEFORE I MOVE OUT Yes, if your home was built after 1978, otherwise ask us for  comply with lead/asbestos             paint regulations 
    A: To try to match the same paint color you should scrape a sample of the paint needed and take to  the Home Depot paint department             or another paint supplier, who will try to match it using their computerized matching system.
    B: You need to buy the paint and any materials yourself.
    C: Matching may not always work perfectly, but try the best you can.