SDCPM will do the following when cleaning vacant units. Tenant is required to leave their residence at the same level of cleanliness when they move out, to avoid a cleaning charge deducted from their security deposit.This is regardless

of any anticipated cleaning to be done by the landlord after the tenant has moved out

1: Fridges must be cleaned inside, outside and on top/sides, underneath and behind

2: Stove (inside and out) including hood and exhaust fan and filter and cabinets (under sinks, too) both inside and out; remove

all non- adhesive shelf paper; (Make sure you do not clog up any burners with residues of cleaning chemicals, by rinsing with water

Or with a cleaning cloth to prevent chemicals getting adherent to burners.) Wash drip pans and broiler pans.

Burners and switches should be removed temporarily to allow for full cleaning and then put back.

3: Areas where  appliances would need to be un- assembled to clean do not to be cleaned (eg clock areas)

4: Showers, tubs, toilets, sinks, mirrors, and medicine cabinets (inside as well) using  an appropriate cleanser

5: Ceilings dust the for cobwebs including ceiling fans.

6: Pantries, shelves and drawers and kitchen counters.

7: Baseboards, window sills, and closet shelving

8: Scrub sink and faucets. 

9: All vents and filters should be cleaned.

10: Wash kitchen and bathroom walls washed and spot-clean the walls in the other rooms.

11: Wash (inside and out ) light fixtures including front porch light and glass and remove cobwebs

12: Inside windows (Outside windows will not be cleaned.)

13: Wash screens and tracks and blinds and plastic curtains. 

14: Wash/dust window sills.

15: Vacuum, scrub the floor tile or linoleum; sweep the entry, patio, storage enclosure, and garage.

16: Wood floors.(excludes polishing)

17: Carpets should be cleaned and any pet odors/stains permanently removed. Regrouting of tile floors is excluded.

18: Remove all personal belongings including clothes hangers and cleaning supplies, shelf paper and dispose of all minor trash, papers

      etc inside home and outside for single family homes.

19:Garages/storerooms/patios/balconies to be swept and trash removed.

20: Fireplace: Excludes chimney cleaning which should be done by a certified Fireplace cleaning vendor

EXCLUDED ITEMS : (Can be done at extra charge) 
    A: Chimney cleaning
    B: Heating/AC Ducts cleaning
    C: Cleaning for mold where existing caulking/grouting needs to be removed first, sanitized etc and replaced by maintenance workers
    D: Exterior Windows: 
    E: Tile Regrouting 
    F: Hauling away of furniture, computers etc.
G: Polishing of wooden floors
H: Preparation of walls so they can be painted.
I: Cleaning of fabric curtains.