1: If you want to move out please remember to provide us written notice by emailing to or mailing to us to include which 
    (a) Date by which the property will be empty 
    (b) Signatures of all adults living at the property
    (c) Names of all adults living at the property 
    (d) The current address where you are moving from.
    (e) Why you are moving
    (f) Your current mailing address if not the same as your current address
    (g)Your future mailing address (if known) .

2: We will use the date we received the notice as the effective date and recommend you send any notice by certified mail with return                receipt requested.

3: For your protection please get written confirmation from our office that we received your notice to vacate.

4: If we only get a verbal notice you will be charged at least 30 days rent from the date you move out (more if on a lease).

5: If you are on a month to month rental agreement  will be responsible for paying rent for thirty days from the date a notice to vacate received or served with you, even if you move out sooner than thirty days, as agreed in the rental agreement and you will be required
    to move out by the date you say you will unless we sign a notice extension/cancellation agreement with you.

6: If you are on a lease see also I WANT TO BREAK MY LEASE

7: If you are on Section 8 and your lease has expired you can give us 30 day notice at any time .You should also notify Section 8 too