STORAGE OF OWNERS PROPERTY: ownerstorage.sdcpm.com

SDCPM normally rents property unfurnished, except for agreed appliances that will remain in the residence.

Everything else (excluding fixtures) should be removed except that for single family homes only, the property owner may require the tenant  to allow the owner to keep their  personal property there, eg gardening tools, paint cans.

This is not recommended as it may detract prospective renters who wish to use all the residence for their personal use and if property owner wants to remove an item when home is occupied, permission from tenant would need to be obtained to entering

For property owners that wish to store their personal items, an inventory of these should be provided to SDCPM an inventory that includes photos and estimated replacement cost.

It is recommended that locked storage cabinets or sheds be used by the owner where only they have access and their location be given to SDCPM so that SDCPM can advise prospective  tenant's that these locations are not for tenant's use. Items should not be stored inside the residence itself except in any garage/store room