1: SDCPM can market for rent your single family residence property whilst you have it listed for sale. 

2: If you told us to find a long-term renter then once we signed a lease you would stop trying to sell it and if you found a buyer you would tell
    us to stop looking for a tenant.

3: Another option is that  prospective renters would  be told that the property is for sale and that they may be given at least a 30-day notice at any time
     to move out. The rent  would be below market in order to attract renters. 

4. A bonus could also be given to the renters if the property closes escrow within an agreed period of time to encourage them to keep the property
    clean and tidy so it shows well to a buyer, and to make it more attractive to a potential renter.
    For example,"If escrow closes within 120 days from the date, renter moves in, then a $1,000 payment will be made to tenants within 7 business
    days of the date escrow closed and when the tenant has vacated the property has closed and the tenant has moved out of the property

5. SDCPM will follow the normal screening of prospective renters when processing their rental application 

6. SDCPM will charge the normal management fees, but if the property closes escrow within 6 months of a tenant moving in, property owner
    would agree to pay SDCPM an additional one time fee of 50% of the first month rent.

7. If owner decided later to stop listing the property for sale, the monthly rent could be raised, and if owner wished the tenant could be offered
    a lease.


A. Allows the property  owner to receive rental income whilst trying to sell the property for sale
B. As the property would be occupied, it might be less likely to be vandalized/broken into.


A: Most sales agent recommend that a property will sell more quickly when vacant because it is easier to show as scheduling showings with tenants is not needed
B: Any required improvements to the property are more easily done when the property is vacant.
C: Some agents are not familiar with dealing with tenants and /or may refuse to list the property if occupied.SDCPM can recommend agents who have experience
     dealing with tenant occupied properties
D: The property owner has the risks associated with being a landlord that they would not have if the property is vacant.
E: If left vacant the property owner does not have the risks associated with being a landlord
F: If the tenants are not clean and tidy and the property does not show well, it might turn off prospective buyers.