1: If the purpose of the entry is to show the unit to a prospective or actual purchaser, a "Notice to Enter " may be given by phone
    or in per person as long  as the Landlord or their agent have already notified the tenant in writing within 120 days prior to the                       oral notice that the property is for sale:
    This notice has to be sent every 120 days if the property is still for sale. SDCPM will provide this notice to the tenant upon request of            owner.

2: Twenty-four hours is presumed reasonable notice in the absence of evidence to the contrary. The notice shall include the date,                       approximate time, and purpose of the entry.

3: At the time of entry, the landlord or agent shall leave written evidence of the entry inside the unit. (eg business card) .

4: No notice is required if the tenant is present and consents to the entry at the time of the entry (Cal. Civ. Code § 1954(e)(2)).