SELLING YOUR PROPERTY: rebrand.ly/selling

1: If you sell your property and as part of the conditions of sale you need the tenant to move out before their lease expires, you will                   probably need to get the tenant to agree to this, possibly giving them a financial incentive. 

2: If your sales agent wants to have an MLS lockbox installed whilst the property is occupied by a renter, our attorney says this is 
    not recommended and wrote
   "If a tenant refuses entry, a landlord or their agent cannot legally enter the property. Lock Boxes are not recommended because of the         risk that entry will be made without prior notice.  A landlord and tenant may not make other arrangements for entry which waives their         rights regarding entry of the dwelling unit."

    And  CC1953.  (a) Any provision of a lease or rental agreement of a dwelling by which the lessee agrees to modify or waive any of                the following rights shall be void as contrary to public policy: (1) His rights or remedies under Section 1950.5 or 1954.Section 1954            encompasses the landlord's limitations regarding entry to the property.

6. Please email ss@sdcpm.com if/when  you want us to provide the tenant a notice to vacate (for example when you open escrow)