1: If the property we manage is owned by more than one person and there is a dispute between the property owners on what SDCPM should do, 
    we will require unless otherwise agreed in the property management agreement, that each owner agrees on any major decisions we make 
    (eg lease renewals) but will follow any court orders regardless.
2: If someone else claims to be the property owner but public title records do not show this, and they also did not sign the property management
    the agreement then without a court order SDCPM can only follow orders from and give information to the property owner who signed the agreement.
3. If a person who did not sign the management agreement asks for guidance/has questions etc on who can help them
      A: Let them know the answer to 2 above
      B:  Send a copy of what you tell them to the property owner for their information 
4. If a person  who did not sign the property management agreement  asks for information  about the property, eg copy of lease, monthly statements,
    tenant contact information, let them know we can only provide this with the approval of the signer of the agreement and ask them if they would
    like us to ask the signer permission to give this information and if they confirm they do then let the signer know who requested what information and 
    ask them if we can give it to them and follow what the signer then advises us to do